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Businesses can be run offline as well as online. However in order to make a global impact businesses have seen the necessity of having an online site. This has led to increased profits for many businesses and one of their keys to success is blogging.If you want to do any business online blogging has become a necessity. In order to get an edge on your competition you will need to combine blogging with your other promotionsLearning how to blog is an investment in your business’s successful future. It is easy to do yourself if you want to or you can hire a ghost writer to do it for you. You can in fact save a lot of time when you outsource this task. Plus you will have a professional blog that readers will enjoy. On the other hand if you want to give it a try you may find you it enjoyable. Many businesses owners have found an unexpected pleasure in blogging. Others assign an in house employee to take care of the company blog.Here are 2 ways a blog can benefit your business:• Branding your business: blogs can help you brand your business. readers associate a certain blog with your business and it becomes your unique business blog. This helps readers become familiar with your business through your blog. It is a good way for visitors and potential customers to establish a relationship or connection to your business and will result in higher sales conversions.
• Promotion: when your blog becomes popular you will be able to go from an inconspicuous dot in the landscape to a significant force in the business world.
• Improve your website rankings with the search engines: This will bring you even more traffic. The higher your ranking the better your success in business.However if you want your blog to be an effective marketing tool you will need to understand how to blog. There are many people reading blogs on a daily basis. They will let others know if they find a good blog. This is why it is very important to make your blog an enjoyable and interesting read.You can do this by:• Using interesting and informative topics that your readers will enjoy
• Concise and simple language: Your readers do not have time to figure out long and complicated rambles. If you must give vent to a rant make it short and sweet, combined with some information.
• Post regularly: Once you have a readership remember that in order to keep them you will need to post at least once a week if not more.
• Advertise discreetly: just incorporate a couple of links only in your blog to entice the reader to look into a useful product or service that is related to the topic of your blog.
• Your own blogging site: make your blogging website easy to use. Having your own blog site will in fact allow you to drive more traffic to it and make your blog more effective. You will get more repeat visitors and higher sales conversions.Blogging will boost traffic to your site and allow you to build relationships with your readers. When you build up a loyal readership you will then find that they are more inclined to buy and you will increase your sales conversions with a business blog.

7 Easy Tips to Supercharge Your Business Blog – Business blog

The other day an industry friend of mine asked an interesting question on LinkedIn: What are the essential Do’s and Don’ts to ensure having a successful business blog?That got me thinking about the best way to supercharge your business blog so that you’ll see as much success as possible. I quickly came up with seven things that you can do fairly easily that can really make a difference in the effectiveness of your business blogging.Here’s what I came up with.1. Post ConsistentlyPick a posting frequency, ideally at least a couple times a week, and then be consistent about it. Doing so will build the habit of posting regularly. That’s important because posting to your blog is something that sees the most benefit to your business as you compound consistent effort over time.Too many people set their blog posting ambitions too high and then when they miss one or two posts (because life does have a tendency to get in the way) it is just that much harder to get back into the swing of things. Those folks have a start/stop approach and often go for weeks or months at a time without posting. And then they wonder why they aren’t seeing the results they hoped for.It’s much better to set a more modest schedule and meet it. You can always increase your efforts once you get into the swing of things.2. Create Scannable ContentPeople have different reading patterns on the web than they do on the printed page. They tend to scan down web pages rather than read every word.Give them what they want! Break up your content with shorter paragraphs, headings and bullets. Add images. Incorporate video. Making your content more scannable and you will get more traffic.3. Organize Around KeywordsChoose a handful of the most important keywords for your website and organize your content around them. WordPress makes it easy to use those as your blog categories. And organizing your blog this way give you several advantages:Strengthens Search Engine Optimization
Helps visitors find what interests them most
Keeps you focused and on topic
Jogs your brain when you are have trouble thinking what to writeGood tight categories will make your blogging easier and more effective at the same time.4. Blog On Your Main Business WebsiteJust having a blog to support your business is a huge part of any social media strategy. And the best option for attracting new customers to your business is to have your blog right on your main business website. I recommend my clients put it in a sub directory.For example: way all of the traffic attracting benefits are focused right on your main business website rather than diluted elsewhere. It will help your site rank better in the search engines, make you easier to find so you attract a bigger swarm of traffic to your site. And it is easier to convert those website visitors to customers since they are already on your main business website!5. Write Compelling Post TitlesThe title of your posts should draw people in. The whole point of the title is to get people to read the first sentence of your post. Your title is what will show up in the search engines. More compelling titles get more click throughs and more traffic.Put a little effort into your titles. For example, which of these titles is more powerful to you:The Do’s and Don’ts of Business Blogging7 Easy Tips to Supercharge Your Business BlogYou can have the same exact content in two posts with those two titles and the second one will get more traffic.6. Be EngagingWrite like you are a person talking with other people. It is OK to share some of your life and what goes on day-to-day in your business with your audience. Corporate speak and formal press releases have a purpose. But in your blog they are boring.Instead tryUsing a conversational tone
Covering a variety of topics within your niche
Tell stories
Weave in humorInteract with your audience. Be active in the comment section of your site.The idea is to pull the curtain back just a little so that folks see that there are real people behind your business.7. Market Your BlogThis is critically important. Build time into your schedule to market your blog. You’ve got to put some effort into steering people to your blog posts so that they actually find the great content you are creating. Here are some ways to market your blog.Leave value adding comments on other blogs in your niche
Tweet about your posts on Twitter
Share your blog posts on Facebook
Add your blog’s feed to your LinkedIn profile
Link to your blog in your email signature
List your blog on your business cardsReally the list of ways to get the word out about your blog is endless. Just understand that some effort marketing your blog is important so that more people will learn about it. In fact it’s a good idea to spend as much time marketing your blog as you do creating content, especially when your just getting started.If you do all that your business blog will get way more traffic than those who aren’t as focused as you are. And that’s good for your business!